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A Collection Of Videos Documenting The History Of Wheeling, WV

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Greetings from Wheeling

Nearly every major landmark and important building in Wheeling is represented in this video, in the form of a postcard. In addition, there are lots of views of the backs of the cards, where people have written everything from the meaningful to the mundane. It’s like two histories in one.

DVD or VHS $19.95

Wymer Museum Tour

Betty Wymer is an avid collector of antiques of all sorts and has lots of knowledge to share about the many interesting items in her collection. This is a guided video tour through her "general store" inside of Oglebay Mansion, that's full of relics and curiosities.

VHS $19.95

Elm Grove: A History in Pictures

This is an adaptation of the long-awaited book about Elm Grove. Now you can enjoy the same historic photos, plus over 300 additional photos not shown in the book.

App. 60 minutes $ 20.00

River - Stay Away From My Door

Depicting floods of Wheeling’s past, as early as 1852 with concentration on the 1936 flood, the most devastating flood of Wheeling’s history with actual film footage from 1936.

60 minutes $ 25.00

Early Downtown Wheeling

This video has over 200 still photos of Wheeling and audio accounts from the people who lived those early years.

30 minutes $20.00

Then & Now

A look at many locations from Wheeling’s past and what those same places look like today.

15 minutes $ 16.00

Jamboree USA

An American tradition since 1933. Jamboree celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 1983. This video is from the original book, put on tape, plus many extra photos from the early years.

App. 60 minutes $ 25.00

Jamboree In the Hills

This video was put together for the 20th anniversary in a documentary style film, showing what it takes to make an event of this magnitude come together. It also includes interviews of some of the people who have come every year to the Super Bowl of Country Music

App. 35 minutes $ 20.00

The Wheeling Lights Story

Enjoy a documentary style look at the
Oglebay and Wheeling Lights Festival
and the people who make it happen.

35 minutes $ 20.00

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